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SKU: XLRR1022-1

The XLRR-I V-Rakes feature independent wheel suspension on each wheel for unmatched performance when operating in rough or rolling terrain • Each independently suspended wheel operates separately from the adjacent wheel, allowing maximum pickup of cut material even in unlevel ground • High ground clearance of the main frame allows operators to process large windrows in heavy crop conditions • The leading wheels on the 10-wheel and 12-wheel versions can be raised and locked out when there is a need to reduce the windrow volume in heavy crop conditions • XLRR-I models available in 8, 10 and 12-wheel configurations for both small and large scale operators • Optional Hydraulic Windrow Adjuster Kit makes quick work of windrow width adjustments from the tractor seat as conditions change • The XLRR-I Rake sections fold horizontally over the mainframe for a narrow transport width and good stability • Capable of raising and locking out one side of the unit for either left hand or right hand raking in small fields and tight places • Optional Walking Tandem Wheel Kit provides a wide support base when navigating over rolling and/or rough terrain while reducing ground compaction • Optional Single Center Wheel Kit for turning the cut material at the apex of the windrow promoting better drying

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